Must have beauty items for this summer


We decided to check out what the experts use themselves and what's hot this spring summer so we took a trip to Rochfords Pharmacy & Beauty Salon on Parnell Street Ennis.

from The Clare People Newspaper

Sharon: Qualified Clinique Skin Physician & Make-up Artist.

Always in your handbag: Clinique Moisture Surge Spray perfect for a burst of hydration throughout the day.

Couldn’t live without: Clinique Turnaround concentrate. It continually resurfaces the skin for a brighter luminous more radiant appearance.

Always in your bathroom: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap. It gently cleanses the skin leaving it clean and comfortable without any drying.

Top Tip: Exfoliate & moisturise well for a few days before applying your self tan. Colour will develop more evenly giving you a smooth glowing look.

Linda: Manager The Clarins Experience Beauty Salon & Clarins Paris. Trained Beauty & Body Therapist

Couldn’t live without: Clarins Pro Active Facial – it is so deeply nourishing and has long lasting benefits.

Always in your bathroom: Clarins Hand & Nail Cream its great to rehydrate and nourish and doesn’t leavy an oily residue on my hands

Whats Hot: Clarins Pro body polish– leaves skin feeling smooth & supple and its essential before a spray tan.

Top Tip: Get False Lashes applied. They are very quick to get done and they instantly add dramatic glamour to your look.

Selina: Grade A Lancome Make up Artist and Skincare Expert

Always in your hand bag: Lancome Adaptive Foundation which contains an SPF. It balances your skin whether oily or dry

Couldn’t live without: Lancome Aqua Fusion Lips, It’s a balm, gloss and SPF all in one

Always in your bathroom: Mousse Clarte self foaming cleanser. Skin is fresh and clean in seconds.

Top Tip: Its very important to cleanse! Oil and impurities accumulate if not properly removed. This can cause skin damage and leads to dull fragile skin.

Aisha: Qualified Estee Lauder Beauty Expert

Always in your hand bag: Estee Lauder Daywear Plus Sheer Tinted moisturiser with SPF. Gives your face a fresh glow in seconds

Couldn’t Live without: Double Wear Foundation. It lasts for 15hrs, its transfer resistant and gives great coverage

Always in your bathroom: Estee Lauder Body Performance Slim & Shape, it gives a smooth sculpted slimming look.

Top Tip: Always wear a moisturiser with an SPF. Even on a cloudy day UV rays can still penetrate the skin. ”

Faun: Senior Therapist The Clarins Experience Beauty Salon & Clarins Paris Trained Beauty & Body Therapist

Always in your hand bag: Clarins Lip Perfector: it softens smoothes and repairs lips and adds a hint of colour gloss.

Couldn’t live without: Bronze Express Spray Tan. It’s a very quick treatment and leaves you with an even smooth glowing colour

Whats Hot: Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate. It softens nourishes and repairs damaged skin, gives great hydration and is also anti-ageing

Top Tip: When using brow pencils avoid that drawn-in look use small soft strokes as though you are adding in single hairs. This gives a much softer & natural look.

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