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Health Tips / Checking your Breasts

Breast Cancer 

The Irish Cancer Society  recommended that you check your breasts once a month, preferably one week after your period or at the same time each month if you are no longer having periods. This involves both looking and feeling for changes.

Look for Changes
Carefully examine your breasts from side to side in the mirror. 

- with hands by your sides 
- with arms raised over your head 
- with hands on hips and elbows pushed forward 

Feel for changes
Feel each breast in turn. Keeping your fingers together and flat, firmly move over the whole breast, including the nipple and armpit. You may find feeling your breast is easier to do with a soapy hand in the bath or shower or while lying down. 

What to check for: 
A lump, any size, or thickening in your breast. Constant pain in one part of your breast. A change in size or shape. One breast may be enlarged. Changes in the nipple - in direction or shape, pulled in or flattened nipple or an unusual discharge, especially if bloodstained. Changes on or around the nipple - rash, flaky or crusted skin. Changes in the skin - dimpling, puckering or redness. Orange Peel appearance of the skin caused by unusually enlarged pores. Prominent veins that have become more noticeable. Lump or swelling or constant pain in your armpit. 

For further information visit the Irish Cancer Society Website contact the ABC Helpline Freefone 1800 30 90 40.

For more information on breast awareness please see the leaflet
Know your Breasts (pdf 1.88 MB)´ or Know your breasts showercard (pdf 212.31KB). 

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