Alcohol Intake Guide

The effect of alcohol can vary from person to person and depends on, how much you drink, how quickly the alcohol is consumed, if you are used to drinking, your mood, age, weight, sex and general health status. This means that some people may be over the drink-drive limit after consuming SMALLER amounts of alcohol.
It is always better to NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.

Below is a summary of the effects of alcohol on the "average" male.
For a woman the same effects may be experienced with about two-thirds the amount of alcohol that a man needs, assuming they are the same weight.

Units Pints of Beer Effect of Alcohol
2 1 Feeling of well being
3 1.5 Lack of inhibitions, more confidence
5 2.5 Noticeable deterioration of motor skills
6 3 Unsteady on feet
10 5 Slurring speech, intense moods (happy, sad, anger)
12 6 Drowsy and confused, blurred vision, poor muscle control
18 9 Drunken stupor, impaired sexual performance
24 12 Dead drunk
More than 24 More than 12 At risk of alcohol poisoning and/or coma
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