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Health Tips / Calf Strain

Diagnosis and Symptons

Calf strains are caused by damage to the muscles or tendons in the calf. This is sometimes caused by repetitive stress through overuse.

Mild strains occur due to mildly overstretched calf muscle. Moderate strains can involve some tearing of muscle or tendon fibres. Strains are classified as severe when there is complete rupture of muscle or tendon and in its more severest it can involve detachment of the calf muscle from the bone.


Symptoms will depend greatly on the severity of injury and may include pain on movement and tenderness and swelling.

Preventative measures

Proper warm-up and stretching routines are vital before exercising. Exercises that build up flexibility and strength in the calf muscles and tendons will help prevent injury. A change of footwear or orthotic insoles may be advised.

To prevent re-injury, compression may be useful. This may be achieved by strapping or by using a calf support.


For serious injury always consult your doctor or physiotherapist. 
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